Lemasters provides proactive prevention and reactive counseling through education and support for the deathcare profession.

Educational resources published by Lemasters Consulting include whitepapers, a yearly industry-wide survey, Parliament (a complimentary quarterly journal), speaking engagements and presentations.

Support services offered through Lemasters Consulting include individual counseladvicetrainingexpert witness, licensingform and contract review and complianceformsvaluationspolicies and proceduresoperational audits and buy/sell.

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Who Uses Lemasters Consulting? 

  • Cemeteries and Cemeterians
  • Crematories and Crematory Operators
  • Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors
  • Pre-Need Companies and Pre-Need Providers
  • Managers and Apprentices
  • Owners and Employees
  • State Associations and its Members
  • National Associations and Members