Machine Guarding and Lawn Mower Employee Safety Training Program (2015)


Machine Guarding and Lawn Mower Employee Safety Training Program (2015)

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In the death care industry, there are various pinch points and dangerous operations that require doors, covers and guards to protect personnel. Machine guards protect the equipment operator from the hazards of the machine at its point of operation. This program provides an overview of guarding issues for cemetery and funeral home personnel who use potentially hazardous machines and equipment. 

There is a special focus on lawnmowers and grounds maintenance equipment in this training, including:

  • Identifying guards supplied by manufacturers and how to maintain them
  • Assessing your equipment for proper guards and compliance with OSHA requirements
  • The various types of guards on the equipment that you may use at your job
  • Lawn mower guards
  • Guards for hand tools and other grounds maintenance equipment

This product is a two disk set that includes:

  • Employee training DVD (25:12)
  • Instructor Notes
  • Student Handouts
  • Copies of OSHA’s Machinery and Machine Guarding, and Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Other Hand-Held Equipment regulations
  • Student Quiz and Answer Key to ensure the information was understood
  • Certificate of Completion to document your training efforts
  • An instruction guide that lists additional steps you must take to complete training and be in full compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Our 800 number with free support