On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court put into law a monumental change: same-sex marriage is legal.

What does this mean for deathcare? 

You may not be aware, but this Supreme Court Ruling traces its roots to a same-sex couple in Ohio who were legally married in Maryland. They wanted their marriage recognized in Ohio because one partner was preparing to handle the final arrangements for the other.

Many people say the deathcare profession is slow to change or 'behind the times', but that is just not true. With this new law in place, the entire deathcare profession must absorb these new changes and adapt....right away.

That's why we've prepared this one-page guide to the Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage and What it Means for the Deathcare Profession. Funeral Directors, Embalmers and other end-of-life professionals...take note!

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