Disinterment/ Reinterment Authorization and Release Agreement


Disinterment/ Reinterment Authorization and Release Agreement


This Disinterment/Reinterment Authorization and Release Agreement is a three-page editable PDF. This is an unbranded document with editable spaces built in for you to add information about your firm and capture important details. 

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Working with a family through a disinterment/reinterment is often emotional and something everyone wants to get through as quickly as possible. One of the greatest liability areas falls within the disinterment/reinterment process.....why? Because there are so many parties involved. It's important to be as clear as possible.

This form addresses:

  • The Family or Lot Owner or Witness
  • Funeral Home
  • Cemetery
  • Vault Company

and includes space for your staff to enter specific details on the disinterment/reinterment.

This is a 3 page PDF document and it's editable. You can choose to print this form out and handwrite or type in the provided blank spaces. Or, you can use Acrobat Reader on your desktop computer to manually type in the needed information.

This unbranded, editable PDF has been fully tested, structured in a logical manner to guide your conversations, and is professionally prepared.

Better yet, this is an instant download after purchase and you'll be able to start using it right away.