Parliament Issue 16 • Legal Update 2014


Parliament Issue 16 • Legal Update 2014


The sixteenth issue of Parliament is our Legal Update Issue. In this issue, we’ve done your ‘homework’ for you. With all the other things to manage working in funeral service, making time to stay current on things that affect you usually gets pushed to the wayside. This issue will bring you up to date with recent changes. We discuss mailing cremains via USPS, how the right of disposition works in the case of a same sex marriageinterpleaders and insurance, a (potential?) update to the Funeral Rule and more.

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In this issue of Parliament, you can read about:

• Letter From the Publisher
• Shipping Cremated Remains: A Change in the Law Means a Change in Your Policy
• An Insurance Assignment is Guaranteed Payment, Right? by Donald J. Ferfolia
• A New & Improved Funeral Rule…Just What the Profession Needs, Right?
• Current Developments in Federal Income Taxes & Prospects for Tax Reform—An Update by Leslie Schneider
• Same Sex Marriage & Right of Disposition | A Case Analysis
• About Parliament

Guest Authors

In this issue we welcome Leslie J. Schneider and Donald J. Ferfolia.


The owl has long been associated with wisdom, longevity and truth. They’ve appeared for centuries in old texts (and sometimes new texts) related to death and to justice.

That said, Lemasters is a blend of two things: deathcare and law.

The owl has been a part of our company symbolism since our founding (the three colored circles in the logo for Lemasters are inspired by the shape of an owl’s eye).

And the name of this publication? A Parliament is what you call a group of owls.