Parliament Issue 9 • Legal Update 2012


Parliament Issue 9 • Legal Update 2012


The 9th Issue of Parliament is all about Updates! We looked back over what we covered in our previous 8 issues and noticed a few things that needed a good update and review. This is a great issue to check in with the latest.

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Articles Include:

  • Letter From the Publisher

  • An External Voice to Internal Procedures: Having the Funeral Home Review the Cemetery Rules and Regulations

  • The Right Forms | A Positive Spin on a Negative Idea

  • Identification: The First, Last and Every Step In Between

  • I Didn’t Think of That One: 3 Commonly Missing Policies and Procedures for Your Funeral Business


The owl has long been associated with wisdom, longevity and truth. They’ve appeared for centuries in old texts (and sometimes new texts) related to death and to justice.

That said, Lemasters is a blend of two things: deathcare and law.

The owl has been a part of our company symbolism since our founding (the three colored circles in the logo for Lemasters are inspired by the shape of an owl’s eye).

And the name of this publication? A Parliament is what you call a group of owls.