Each month we will post links to pertinent articles in the deathcare profession. From lawsuits to quirky sites, we’ll bring you a one-stop shop from deathcare-related items on the web. Here are this month’s links. Wish our son was here to light the pyre, said Bhagwan's wife, Hindustan Times "Carrying out the last rites is the duty of the eldest son as per Hindu traditions. But our relatives just could not make it," said Rajesh Kumar, nephew of Bhagwan Dass, who belonged to district Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Improbable research: the problem of exploding pacemakers, The Guardian People muse that they will, come the day, "go out with a bang". A little more often than you might expect, someone or other does exactly that, which is why there came into existence a study called Pacemaker Explosions in Crematoria: Problems and Possible Solutions.

Woman's husband's ashes lost in the mail, WABC