Each month we will post links to pertinent articles in the deathcare profession. From lawsuits to quirky sites, we’ll bring you a one-stop shop from deathcare-related items on the web. Here are this month’s links.

Pet owners who can't let go turn to freeze-drying, MSNBC.com Expensive niche taxidermy takes sensitivity and skill, but it's growing across the U.S. Mike McCullough never intended to start freeze-drying beloved pets for grieving owners. But more than a decade ago, a friend of a friend asked the Fort Loudon, Pa., taxidermist to save his beloved dog from the grave or cremation by preserving the animal instead. McCullough agreed. Then he talked to a Wall Street Journal reporter about the process. It made the front page. Requests from bereaved owners started rolling in.

Sisters carry dead brother to cremation ground, The Times of India Three sisters have gone a step ahead in getting their brother closer to his final journey. Setting aside the taboo, the sisters on Thursday lent a shoulder in getting their brother to the cremation grounds. Though, a daughter lending a shoulder for the father is now somewhat common in parts of Punjab, carrying the brother to the cremation ground is unheard off.

Funeral Director Sues Yorktown Highway Chief, The Daily Yorktown William LaPierre, the owner of Clark Funeral Home, has filed a lawsuit against Highway Superintendent Eric DiBartolo and others for several hundred thousands of dollars LaPierre claims DiBartolo misappropriated from the town.

Pentagon admits it dumped some 9/11 remains in a landfill, MSNBC.com For the first time, the Defense Department acknowledged Tuesday that some cremated remains of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were dumped in a landfill, conduct the White House called "unacceptable." For more on this story, also see The Chicago Tribune, and Stars and Stripes.

Senate Bill Passes Requiring Proper Burial for Veterans, The Weekly The Georgia Senate passed SB 372 today in a unanimous vote. Sponsored by Sen. Renee Unterman (R-Buford), this legislation would require funeral directors to make a reasonable effort to determine whether the deceased is a veteran.

Roots & Branches: Tombstones are better with a verse or two, LDNews.com OK, it's time to come around to one of my favorite "gripes" - how little information people today put on gravestones.

Bihar to use eunuchs to improve birth registration, The Times of India Worried over the lowest ever birth and death registration figures in Bihar, the state government has decided to engage eunuchs and traditional cremation workers called 'doms' to improve birth and death registration rates in the state, officials said.